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Apparel 2020
Virtual Fashon Show
Tempus Momentum

a Latin phrase meaning "a Moment in Time".

Apparel Technologies at Minneapolis College

The only program of its kind in Minnesota, Apparel Technologies offers technical design training for the Sewn Goods Industry. Its curriculum is designed to expose the student to processes and procedures of product development and manufacturing. The program offers both Diploma and AAS Degree pathways. At Apparel Technologies, students have access to state-of-the-art industrial equipment and a computer lab featuring CAD software for digital pattern design.

A Creative Challenge

As the capstone to Minneapolis College’s Apparel Technologies program, each graduating student is given the task to conceptualize and produce a collection of looks and present them at Apparel Technologies’ annual fashion show. The student designers are involved in every aspect of planning the production including deciding on a theme, casting models, choosing music and collaborating with photography and graphic design students helping to market the show.

With the advance of the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting restrictions, the fashion show was cancelled. Faced with limited sources for materials and supplies and working from their homes, the students have forged ahead with completing the construction of their collections. A parallel can be made to conditions designers faced during WW2. As a true testament to the creative spirit, the students, with their tenacity, have kept their dreams and goals intact.

The fashion industry has always reflected pivotal changes in the world, answering to the needs and desires of society. The designers represented here will go forward with their careers, adding fresh perspectives to continue the momentum.


Artist Headshot

Abby Keul

I am inspired by durable, minimal fashion

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Colleen Waldhauser

I have been interested in fashion design ever since I was a kid

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Halimo Khalif

Sewing is my passion in life and my goal is to be a fashion designer

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Kathryn Wallace

My collection is centered on showcasing matching outfits for people and their ball jointed dolls

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LaShaumbay Chanel Hester 

My philosophy as a designer is “look good, feel good”

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Paxyshia Yang

My line is inspired by challenges in my everyday life as a plus sized person

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Poa Voua Lor

My intention is to make clothes that bring forth feelings of beauty and courage in women

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My designs are for women that are independent, strong and like to feel special and elegant

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Shania Jean Tan

I want to fulfil people’s desires by making them feel beautiful

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Suney Yang

I like to call myself not just a fashion designer but an artist as well

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Tonya Yarwood

The inspiration for my line comes from the prairies of the Midwest

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Ulyses Garcia

My collection provides simple but elegant clothing for young women who want to feel confident, chic and sexy

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Venesha Hildreth

This collection represents freedom of expression and identity