The Show Designers Information

Venesha Hildreth

 Artist headshot

The overall aesthetic for my line is what I’m calling streetwear chic; where both high fashion and street styles join forces. This collection represents freedom of expression and identity; including gender-neutral pieces that display a combination of both masculine and feminine characteristics. I’ve incorporated different fabrics, prints, and pop ups of the colour neon orange to create a line that is eccentric and unbound by rules and restrictions.

Venesha was born and raised in the Midwest and took on an interest in fashion at a young age. Drawing outfits as a hobby, playing dress up in her older sister’s closet, and getting into modeling as a teen helped shape her towards a future in fashion. In one segment of her modeling training she was to create a one of a kind look for the runway, which pushed her interests more towards the technical design aspects of the fashion world. The 90’s era, hip hop music, oddities of the world, and exploring different art mediums are some of her influences. Her current work is an exploration of the dualities and in-betweens of life, consisting of edginess and elegance. As a designer, Venesha hopes to capture the beauty in the reality of change and uncertainty in this life and by transforming fabrics into art.